Project Director
Pat Walking Eagle

Sr Outreach Counselor
Ricky Walter Jr
(701) 766-1301

Outreach Counselor
Melissa GreyBear
MelissaGB@spiritlakenation .com
(701) 766-1300

Outreach Counselor
Chris Cavanaugh
(701) 766-1306

Administrative Assistant

(701) 766-4446


The mission of the Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project is to enhance the lives of Native Americans with disabilities through successful employment outcomes.

Project Overview

The Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project is available to tribal members through a federal grant and provides help for Native American people who have physical or mental disabilities that impede their ability to work.


  • The individual has a physical or mental impairment
  • The impairment is a substantial impediment to employment
  • The individual requires services of SLVR to be competitively employed
  • The individual must live on or near the Spirit Lake Reservation
  • The individual must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe

Types of Services

Services depend on the individual client’s needs. All of our clients receive vocational rehabilitation advice, when the outreach worker discusses with a client his or her individual goals for employment and the steps to take to reach those. We provide services to meet the individual client need. For one person, that may be help filling out job applications. For another, it could be paying to get new glasses so that he can read the computer to do data entry. For some other clients, we may pay for new tires on a car needed to get to a job. Before you can receive any services from vocational rehabilitation, however, you must be determined eligible. An individual is eligible if he or she has a physical, learning or mental disability and is able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services. Stop by or call us and we will be happy to help with the process of determining eligibility.