New Consumers: Vocational Rehabilitation Process

Step 1:  Orientation – every two weeks – Thursday’s @10:00 am

Call to sign up for orientation – in person process
Office is open from 8-4:30 Monday through Friday.

Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project
2nd Avenue, P.O. Box 519
Fort Totten, ND 58335

Step 2: In take application with VR Counselor – this can take up to 60 days

Eligibility for VR Program is based on the following:

  • Have a medically diagnosed impediment to employment
  • Require VR services for employment or enrollment in school
  • Be a member of a federally recognized tribe
  • Live on or near the Spirit Lake reservation (50 mile radius)

Step 3: If eligible for VR – Write Individual Employment Plan with VR Counselor

With your counselor, you will explore employment goals and review your interests to reach the job market.
Remember the process can take up to 60 days

Step 4 Individualized Plan for Employment

Your counselor will make an appointment when you can go over your employment goal and needed services. Until the tribal administration re-opens buildings to the public, the IPE meeting will be conducted over the phone. Remember that application you received in Step 1? We’ll go over the forms together.

Be sure we have a phone number or email to contact you!

If you can’t find the application, you can download another copy from our forms page here.

Step 5 Follow your plan and receive services

Once your IPE is written you can receive services that are necessary and reasonable to get and keep a job. Services can include; counseling, help with job applications, gas to get to interviews, tools or clothing required for a job and more. To learn about services available and funding limits, check our SERVICES page.

Step 6 Employment!

Even after you are employed, if you need short-term assistance to keep your job, we are here for you!