Confidentiality Definitions


Administrative Purpose: Any action relating to the performance of the duties of the Project. These include the determination of eligibility, the amounts of assistance and services provided, documentation, and consumer records

Consumer: Any individual applicant or recipient of assistance and/or services from the Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project. A consumer must have completed an application, been determined eligible for vocational rehabilitation and completed an Individual Plan for Employment to be eligible for any services.

Consumer Record: Any information regarding an individual consumer/applicant and his or her family that is maintained by Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project and its agents. This includes any computer or other magnetic records and manual case file records.

Personally identifiable information includes:

  1. Names, addresses, and social security numbers of applicants and recipients of public assistance and social services.
  2. Information concerning  the  social,  legal,  and  economic  conditions  or circumstances of a particular individual.
    • Project correspondence, evaluations, and compilations of information about a particular individual.
    • Medical and psychological data, including diagnosis and past history of a disease or disability concerning a particular individual.

Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project members:

1. Employees of the Project.
2. Employees and/or members of Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Consumer Advisory Council.
3. Persons who contract  with the  Project such as outside  evaluators and medical consultants.

Release: Allowing the disclosure of consumer information maintained by the project to persons other than the staff, who retains or normally utilizes the consumer records.