Eligibility and Limits of VR Payment for Services

General Eligibility

A consumer must have completed an application for SLVR, been determined eligible for vocational rehabilitation and completed an Individual Plan for Employment before receiving any funding for any services. A consumer must have attended school for two weeks before receiving any funding. Book orders will be paid by the first day of school directly to the bookstore.

Necessary and reasonable

Payments must be necessary and reasonable for consumers to get or a keep a job. So, a vehicle to drive to work may be necessary but buying a brand new luxury car is not reasonable. Neither is a helicopter. While it might be nice to have an Xbox, it is certainly not necessary to get or keep a job.

Maintenance; right not transferable or assignable; exempt from creditors’ claims.
 The right of eligible individuals with disabilities to maintenance under the Vocational Rehabilitation Law shall not be transferable or assignable at law or in equity and shall be exempt from the claims of creditors.

In the case of transfer of benefits including but not limited to relocation, vehicle repairs, uniforms, school or work supplies, the invoices are for the specific purchase in the purchase order request. If the consumer is receiving transportation services, housing or other benefits from a designated individual or provider these benefits cannot be re-assigned to another provider. We understand that circumstances may change but in this case a NEW purchase order must be obtained listing the new provider. The original purchase order will be invalidated.

Benefits received by consumers, including but not limited to relocation assistance, maintenance, vehicle repair, on the job training, transportation, work and school supplies are NOT assignable in claims for bankruptcy, child support, spousal support or from other creditors.

Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation has zero tolerance for misuse of funds. Depending on the severity of the situation, violations of this policy may be subject to criminal prosecution, fines, restitution, civil penalties and/or ineligibility for Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation services for up to one year.

NOTE: Unless specifically prohibited by tribal regulations, Spirit Lake Vocational rehabilitation follows standard practice in state laws. See for example, Mississippi § 37-33-27. Maintenance; right not transferable or assignable; exempt from creditors’ claims.