(Also, see Forms section for checklist for consumer services and limits on funding.)

Vocational rehabilitation services are any services described in an individualized plan for employment necessary to assist an individual with a disability in preparing for, securing, retaining, or regaining an employment outcome that is consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice of the individual.

If a person is not eligible for services, the counselor will advise that person of the availability of potential resources through other agencies. An individual may be eligible for services and still not be eligible to receive specific types of services.

Note that to be eligible for funding a service must be:

  1. Described in an Individualized Plan of Employment
  2. Necessary for employment

Examples of services that would NOT be eligible include:

  • Food  (per letter from August Martin, RSA)
  • Senior photos for graduates
  • Gas for purposes other than driving to interviews and to work until the first paycheck